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Day paddling in placid and quiet Koitajoki, 12-28km

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Enjoy what outdoor life has to offer and spend your day paddling in the middle of silent nature exploring the versatile part of the river Koitajoki. The start of this self-guided tour follows the edge of Kesonsuo, witch presents a rare swamp type, having very rich bird life. In spring you can really enjoy the voices of returning birds! The trail continues with curving lines and changing width. Along the trail there are several camping sites you can stop to enjoy lunch and snacks, or even stop your tour. You can flexible paddle the full trail with 28km or the shortest part with 12 km, or something between – how ever you wish.

This part of Koitajoki is easy to paddle, with only one rapid, which you will by pass via the shore. In this tour you can enjoy the safety, clean air and water, and the silence of nature proceeding on your own pace. On the top of this the three different seasons – spring, summer and fall – each provide their unique enjoyable flavor to this nature experience. Although this is a self-guided adventure KoiHu personnel is there to support and help throughout your adventure when needed.

This trail is also perfect for taking one day canoeing adventure during your holiday when travelling in east Finland, North Karelia.

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