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Paddling adventure next to the eastern borderline, 27km

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Experience something special – This self-guided paddling tour provides you an exciting feeling of adventure in the wilderness, in the middle of nowhere. The narrow and curly river carries you forward through the small rapids and fallen trees which are lying in the water or over the river. The Spring flood carries you fast but this lasts only a couple of weeks, mostly in May. After this the water level gradually lowers and towards the end of the summer there may not be enough water to paddle.

This river runs just next to the Russian border, far from any homes or cottages, in deep wilderness and resides in Koivusuo Strict Nature Reserve. Along the trail there are many lean-tos, huts and empty houses within close distances to spend the night. These can be used also by hiker as the hiking trail Tapion taival follows the river from time to time, and you can actually combine nicely paddling, hiking as well as biking into this trail. You can paddle this great trail within a day, but with smooth paddling pace and fishing, this is a for even two or more days.

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