Photographer: Miika Kangasniemi

Häme Region The heartland of happiness!

Häme castle in winter time
Photographer: Miika Kangasniemi

Medieval History and Culture

Medieval history is present all around the Häme Region. The best known sight is the Häme Castle, from the 13th century. The historical Ox Road from Turku Castle to Häme Castle is one the oldest historical roads in Finland. The Häme Region has also many medieval churches, such as the Holy Cross Church in Hattula with its stunning wall paintings.

Siirry edelliseen
Siirry seuraavaan
Making glass art in Mafka and Alakoski studio in Riihimäki

Finnish Design and Fashion

Häme is famous for glass design, its glassblowing history and the textile industry. Get to know the history of glass in The Finnish Glass Museum and step into small glass studios in Hyttikortteli in Riihimäki. Experience the magic of glass in Iittala Village, where you can visit the Iittala Glass Factory and the The Iittala Glass Museum, as well as small handicraft boutiques. Forssa is the home of the textile industry introduced by Forssa Museum and Pattern Center.

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Aulanko Nature Reserve Hämeenlinnan region
Photographer: Miika Kangasniemi

In the Footsteps of Jean Sibelius 

Finnish National Composer Jean Sibelius was born and grew up in Hämeenlinna. You can visit the birthplace of Jean Sibelius and enjoy the concerts there. Nearby, the musical benches in Sibelius Park play parts of Sibelius’s compositions for trees. In Aulanko Nature Reserve, you can admire the national landscape and hike in the Sibelius Forest, where Sibelius got inspiration for his music.

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Paddling in Vanajavesi in Häme Region Lakeland Finland

Wellbeing From Nature  

Enjoy the rich and diverse nature of the Häme Region! Explore the Liesjärvi and Torronsuo National parks, 16 other nature parks and the 785 lakes in the region. You can find nature everywhere, even in the cities. The Hämeenlinna and Forssa National Urban Parks offer beautiful nature destinations in the city centres. Go biking, paddling, swimming and hiking or just relax in the peaceful nature.

Nature Experiences
Happy people in sauna in Finland

Amazing sauna experiences 

In the Häme region you can have a sauna in many different ways! The heat of the sauna relaxes and lowers blood pressure, and that’s why sauna combines so well with the slow Häme character. Enjoy the lake views and national landscape from lakeside saunas. For a unique sauna experience, we recommend the Viking Sauna World in Humppila with seven different kinds of saunas, from boat sauna to tree-top sauna. If you want a more private sauna experience, you can rent a sauna boat with a small private lake! Welcome to slowing down, in the saunas of the Häme Region.  

Sauna Experiences


In Hämeenlinna you will experience both the city and nature right next to you! Constructed around the medieval Häme Castle, the city offers culture, history, beautiful lakeshore landscapes and interesting activities for all ages. Finland’s first National Urban Park urges you to visit the shores of Vanajavesi and the green Aulanko Nature Reserve.


Riihimäki is a hometown of culture, robotics and encounters. The railway, garrison and glass industry are the cornerstones of Riihimäki’s history. The city is known for its glass, theatre and the Wilderness Fair. We have a unique museum concentration, the gem of which is the Finnish Museum of Glass Museum. Riihimäki is the capital of robotics education, where all children participate in robotics education from preschool.

Forssa Spinnig Mill Area


Forssa is a cosy and lively town of approximately 17,000 people with high-quality services just around the corner. Forssa has an excellent location in the heart of Southern Finland and the biggest cities are within 150 kilometres of Forssa. Enjoy the fine mixture of good services, fun events, culture, captivating history of the Finnish textile industry, present-day urban living and the beautiful nature in the National Urban Park of Forssa.

Located in the heart of Southern Finland