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The Mesikkä Animal Museum

Parppeintie 4
82900 Ilomantsi

Parppeinvaara Rune Singer's Village +358 50 375 8787 parppei@ilomantsinmuseot.fi

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The Mesikkä Animal Museum’s exhibition showcases the relationship between people and nature: the traditions, hunting and the special features of the local nature.The species in the exhibition are native to Ilomantsi area. At the Mesikkä Animal Museum, one can see the most typical animal species of North Karelia and experience the amazing landscapes and the sensual ambient soundscape. The dioramas in the exhibition allow you to familiarise yourself with the swampy landscapes and dry boreal forest with its animals. In addition, at Mesikkä Animal Museum one can learn about folk beliefs, listen to the calls of cranes and be amazed by the size of a bear standing on its two legs.

The Mesikkä Animal Museum caters in particular to children, toddlers as well as school children of different ages. In the depths of a bear cave you can play with our numerous teddy bears and check out our bear books about fairytales and mythical worlds. The divercity of the Mesikkä exhibition supports the curriculum of different school subjects and visiting the exhibition provides new insights into school lessons. The animals of the exhibition are originally collected for educational purposes.

The museum shop Parppeinpuoti, ticket office and the Travel information desk are located in the Mesikkä Animal Museum.

What is Mesikkä?
The Mesikkä Animal Museum was named after Major General Erkki Raappana’s (1893-1962) pet bear. During the war there was a tamed bear cub guarding Raappana’s headquarters in Rukajävi. After the demobilisation of the troops, Mesikkä ended up in the Korkeasaari Zoo.

The Mesikkä Animal Museum is part of the Parppeinvaara Runesinger’s Village. At Parppeinvaara you’ll find a collection of historic buildings based on the theme of local tradition. These include the Rune Singer´s House with traditional music and exhibitions; the Border General´s Cabin, a war-time operational headquarters; Restaurant Parppeinpirtti and a small Orthodox chapel.

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