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Paddle and hike/bike surrounded by the beautiful ridge scenes, 53 km

61 Petkeljärventie
82900 Ilomantsi

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This two/three day nature escape provides you an option to enjoy both the waters and forest. You will find your way in nature both by paddling and hiking, or biking.  

The tour starts from Petkeljärvi National Park by paddling via Petkeljärvi waters and lake Nuorajärvi to the start of the river Koitajoki, and then hiking or biking back to Petkeljärvi via the oldest hiking trail in North Karelia called Taitajan Taival. In this route you hike along ridges, where in many occasions you can see water on boths sides. For the whole trip you can experience the beauty, silence and pure nature in the North Karelia biosphere reserve

This self-guided adventure is a perfect trip for travelers who enjoy various outdoor activities and want an adventurous vacation escape in a scenic wilderness of the exotic eastern borderlands of Finland.

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