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Tentsile in Tohmajärvi

Jouhkolantie 219
82600 Tohmajärvi

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Itärajan Helmi offers inventive accommodation for adventure and nature tourism in North Karelia in Tohmajärvi.

Tentsile tree tents hang between trees and serve the nature traveler who wants to experience nature in every cell, hear the rustle of birch leaves, the hiss of the wind, the patter of a rain and wake up to the song of birds.

There are 5 Tentsile tree tents in Itärajan Helmi. Some of them are located on the hills of Itärajan Helmi surrounded by natural birches and some our own beach surroungins.

Tentsile cougars have high-quality sleeping pads, pillows and sleeping bags.

The price includes breakfast for 2 persons, towels and sauna! Breakfast for the third guest/ children can be ordered for an additional fee.

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