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Cottage accommodation in Tohmajärvi

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Itärajan Helmi offers innovative accommodation solutions for experiential and nature tourism in Tohmajärvi, North Karelia.

Our farm has three pairs of cottages that have been completed between 2019-2021, as well as a traditional cottage built in 1943.

Each pair cottage has two separate rooms, hence the names of the cottages, which have been chosen based on the names of Itärajan Helmi’s hostess’s parents and grandparents. In total, there are beds for 17 guests.

The Hilja & Ernesti and Hilja & Oiva cottages are pet-friendly and can accommodate 2-4 people. The third cottage, Ada & Pekka, is a family cottage with a double bed and bunk beds for children in one room, and beds for 2 people and space for a travel cot in the other.

The family cottage is reserved for guests with allergies, so pets are not allowed!

If there is an error in the number of guests on the reservation, we reserve the right to charge the correct amount afterward.

The rooms in the pair cottages are:

* approximately 10 square meters in size
* two separate hotel-grade box-spring beds
* high-quality Finnish-made Finlayson bedding and towels
* a clothes rack with hangers
* nightstands
* a terrace table and two chairs that can be moved outside

The terrace offers a direct view of the beautiful Lake Tohmajärvi.

The bed and breakfast rate includes a generous breakfast throughout the summer! Children’s meals are not included in the price, so they must be added to the shopping cart separately.

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