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Refreshing Tour on Sliding Snowshoes

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Have you already experienced skiing on sliding snowshoes? On this wilderness tour, you will be able to try out these handy and versatile skis on a guided tour of the snowy landscapes in the nearby forests. Depending on the ice conditions, we may also ski onto the frozen Lake Pielinen. Sliding snowshoes offer a casual way to explore winter life in the surrounding Finnish nature.

Before embarking on the tour, you will be equipped with suitable gear (you can also participate wearing your own winter gear) and advised on sliding snowshoe features and technique. Sliding snowshoes combine the best features of snowshoes and forest skis. They offer a good grip when skiing uphill and allow for a bit of speed when skiing downhill. This casual sliding snowshoe experience is also suitable for beginners.

-sliding snowshoe rental
-guide services
-winter gear set
-VAT 10 %

Finnish, English

December-March according to the snow and weather conditions

Flexible clothing suitable for sports under a winter coverall.


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