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Nurmes-talo – Culture House

Kötsintie 2
75500 Nurmes

Nurmeksen kaupunki +358504066122 kati.lipponen@pikes.fi

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The City Library, Kötsi Museum, cinema, Gallery Tyko and Cafe Harju are located in the Nurmes-talo. Many concerts and other cultural events are held in the Nurmes-talo. Nurmes-talo was designed by Arkkitehtitoimisto Helasvuo & Co. It was taken into use in January 1991. The beautiful lake and ridge scenery that opens up from inside is an essential part of the architecture of the building.

Elias Lönnrot Park is located next to the Nurmes-talo; there is a statue of Lönnrot in the park that was donated by Emil Cedercreutz Foundation in 2003.

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