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Find Your Happiness

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Find Your Happiness

Are you consistently more tired when you get up in the morning than you are when you go to bed? So, you are stressed and exhausted, you need time of your own.

Welcome to here to sleep well and recover from stress.
Feel the holiday with all of your senses. Taste the pure food, which is made of local of raw materials. Hear the beautiful silence in the countryside. Feel the traditional sauna. Enjoy the feeling of freedom and stress-free and find your happiness and let it be this way. Recover and be happy.

Walk in the forest, read, be lazy … or book some activities, if you feel like it. You can spend half of your vacation in the Guesthouse in Nurmes and half in the Hotel Kalevala in Kuhmo. Or if you want, you can spend your vacation in one place.

Guesthouse holiday include:
* 1 x classic massage and
* 1 x hot tup in sauna evening

Hotel Kalevala holiday include:
* 1 x Finnish bone setting, traditional method of manipulation of the spine as well as entire body
*1 x Aromatherapy bath

Available: 15.1.- 30.6.2024 | 1.8.-15.12.2024.
Groupsize: min 2 person

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