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Paddling from Koitajoki to Koitere, 50-76km

82900 Mekrijärvi

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From Koitajoki to Koitere – this water route offers the opportunity to spend extra long weekend in the surroundings of one (or two) rivers – Koitajoki/Syväysjoki and one lake – Koitere. Spend a tranquil and enjoyable moments in nature while being greeted by untamed sections of the river and the lake with ridges, islands with sandy beaches. On the top of this the three different seasons – spring, summer and fall – each provide their unique enjoyable flavor to this nature experience.

You can canoe on your own schedule for 3/4 days. Depending on the weather conditions you can also choose to canoe longer in Koitajoki part and less in lake Koitere or vice versa. 

Although this is a self-guided adventure KoiHu personnel is there to support and help throughout your adventure when needed.