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The All Saints Chapel

Parppeintie 4
82900 Ilomantsi

Parppeinvaara Rune Singer's Village +358 50 375 8787

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The All Saints Chapel or prayer room was consecrated in 1980. It was originally constructed in Parppeinvaara for the filming of a film about rune singer Larin Paraske. The chapel’s icons were made by the local icon painters. Nowadays the chapel is used by Ilomantsi’s Orthodox parish and it serves as the place of service for the Breviary.

The All Saints Chapel is part of the Parppeinvaara Runesinger’s Village. At Parppeinvaara you’ll find a collection of historic buildings based on the theme of local tradition. These include the Rune Singer´s House with traditional music and exhibitions; the Border General´s Cabin, a war-time operational headquarters; Restaurant Parppeinpirtti with a Karelian menu; and a small Orthodox chapel. The exhibition of the Mesikkä Animal Museum exhibits local nature, wildlife and the relationship between people and nature.

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