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Kirkkojärvi Nature and Culture Trail

Lahdentie 1071
36200 Kangasala

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The cultural and nature trail around Kirkkojärvi is a charming, approximately 10.5 kilometers long route, which can be walked in its entirety or you can choose a shorter section. Due to its easy accessibility, it is suitable for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts of all levels. For those using wheelchairs or strollers, the boardwalk trail between Ranta-Koivisto’s lean-to shelter and bird watching tower is suitable.

The trail starts from the center of Kangasala or from the Ranta-Koivisto lean-to shelter. From the lakeshore trails of Kirkkojärvi, the route continues to the nearly one-kilometer-long birch alley of Liuksiala Manor. Liuksiala Manor and the nearby Liuksiala Chapel are privately owned, but can be viewed from afar at the gate. The section along Leivintie road passes through the middle of fields in a traditional rural landscape until the trail leads back to the shores of Kirkkojärvi.

The final part of the nature trail is along the town’s pedestrian paths. Kirkkojärvi, with its exceptionally diverse birdlife, has been designated as an internationally valuable wetland and bird area. In addition to the bird watching tower, waterfowl can be observed from the viewing areas built along the route.

Route: 10.5 km
Difficulty: easy, partially accessible
Starting point and parking:
Ranta-Koivisto frisbee golf course: Atrakuja, 36200 Kangasala
City center: departure from behind the Event Field. Parking in the city center P-areas, e.g. Tarpilankuja, or parking garage
Other attractions: Ranta-Koivisto lean-to shelter and campfire site, bird watching tower, Liuksiala Manor, Karelian Cultural Center Äijälä
Services nearby: services in the center of Kangasala, swimming hall, hotel

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