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Vehoniemi Observation Tower

Vehoniemenharjuntie 78
36570 Kangasala

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The landscape from the observation tower unfolds southwest towards Lake Roine and the cultural landscape of Saarikylät, where there has been village settlement for hundreds of years. Behind Saarikylät rise the Valkeakoski factories with their smokestacks. Northeast of the observation tower, you can see Heposelkä on Lake Längelmävesi, and to the southeast, the enchanting landscape of Raiku village with its rolling terrain.

Located on the beautiful Vehoniemi ridge, amidst a nature reserve, the observation tower has a long history. The first observation tower was built on its current site by A.W. Liljestrand, a civil servant from Kangasala, in 1892. The current tower was constructed in 1927.

Today, the observation tower is managed by Metsähallitus, and the surrounding forest is a protected area. There is a guided nature trail around the area, with an information board located at the parking area next to the Vehoniemi Automobile Museum adjacent to the ridge’s observation tower.

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