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Stay in the Piilo hideaway and Hiking in The Heart of North Karelia Wilderness

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Stay in the Piilo hideaway and Hiking in The Heart of North Karelia Wilderness

Welcome to lose your hurry and stress. This week is for you who want to stop a while and have a your own time and want to experience the healing power of nature on the hiking trips. Take a step back from your busy everyday life and reconnect with the wilderness. In this trip you have 6 days holiday in nature. Accommodation is in the heart of North Karelia wilderness in Venenjoen Piilo. Piilo is Hideaway accommodation, is the place to rest and feel the forest around you.

Have a trip to the North Karelian nature with us and open some of its hidden secrets. In this journey we will introduce you the beautiful and rich nature of eastern Finland. North Karelia is know to its wild life and is a home for several animals like bear and wolverine. Our trips will take you to five hidden nature gems in North Karelia. First day is spend in Koli National Park that has been the inspiration of Finnish artist for centuries and is a big part of our identity today.

Piilo (just like a hiding place) is small and unique accommodation village. And what nature you`ll find here! Koli national park, old forests, two unique lakes around. Piilo is built in a nature respecting ways, sustainable ideas and practise and with local people.
3.6. – 9.6.2024
2.9. – 8.9.2024
9.9. – 15.9.2024
At other times by order.
6 nights, 7 days.
All inclusive package. Includes: Accommodation/double room, breakfast, picnic/outdoor lunch, dinner, sauna, smoke sauna, rafting, transportation.

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