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Have sauna like a Finn!

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How is the sauna heated? When it’s hot enough. How do you take a sauna and cool off? Venejoki Piilo offers guidance and sauna experience!

The program includes getting and chopping firewood for sauna, carrying water from a river or in the winter time from the hole in the ice, learning best sauna practices and traditions and your private sauna experince including evening snack and refreshments after sauna. Depending on the season, we will make together “vihta” – a traditional Finnish sauna broom made of birch.

During the sauna evening, guests are offered their own peace to enjoy the sauna. Finns have sauna naked, but if you want you can bring your own bathing suit, especially if you want to get dip in the river.

In connection with the sauna, there is an opportunity to take a dip in the river, but you cannot actually swim in it.

Towels and refreshments are included in the price of the sauna package, please let us know in advance about possible diets.

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