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Guided paddling tour to experience lake Koitere with hundreds of islands

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In our new guided trail you can explore the unique scenery, the silence of this wilderness realm, the beauty of the lake Koitere and one of its biggest islands called Lammassaari. This island hides many places to explore in addition to being a perfect place to stop and prepare and enjoy lunch and snacks. Lammassaari has been the destination for free time day-trip for locals at least since 1930s. This is thanks to its shining sandy beaches which suits well for swimming – for children as well. It also hides charming lagoon and let’s see if the weather and our timeline allow us to explore this in our way. If there is any wind the lake is more demanding than a river, and experience for paddling is required.

We’ll paddle slowly enjoying the shining lake scenery and sympathetic small islands passing by – and the silence of course. The tour is about 15km. During the trip we’ll slow down and stop to rest when needed. Also in this tour we have weather reservation and do not start if the wind is strong.

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