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Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel

Itäranta 1
80100 Joensuu

Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel +358 20 1234 663 kimmel.joensuu@sokoshotels.fi Visit website

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You are warmly welcome to Joensuu and to the shores of river Pielisjoki! We offer you fully renovated spaces, hospitable service, delicious food and the buzz of the Karelian lifestyle, located near nature experiences. You can spot an otter couple diving into the river whilst enjoying your breakfast, take a walk or a run by the river or enjoy your dinner lovingly made by our masters of the kitchen – and at the end of the day fall asleep on the arms of our comfy beds!

Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel has gotten a new spark. We opened the walls to face the stunning nature. We brought beautiful strong colours and earthy materials into the rooms. We built new suites with their own balconies, a massive ballroom, a brand new sauna department, new Bistro Heili – and a night club Las Palmas for the nightlife lovers.

The renewed Kimmel was made together with local electricians, carpenters, beer brewers, Karelian pie bakers and craftsmen. Enjoy their works of art!

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