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Kuhasalo Nature Trail

Kukkosensaari 5
80220 Joensuu

Joensuun kaupunki +358132675222 carelicum.palvelut@joensuu.fi

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The Kuhasalo nature trail is located near the center of Joensuu, about three kilometers from the market square. There are two unobstructed nature trails: one and two kilometers long. Kuhasalo, also known as Kukkosensaari, is a historically significant place and there is a monument to the wilderness monastery.

The trails run mostly along the lakeside with a beautiful view to lake Pyhäselkä. There are six campfire sites and two rental grilling huts: Kalmonkatiska and Kuhamaja. There is maintenance with firewood at the campfire sites. In summer the landscape is maintained by sheep that can be admired at the beginning of the trail.

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