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Kerttula, cozy lakeshore cottage near services

Särkäntie 73
16710 Hollola

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Kerttula is cozy wooden cottage that is located in peaceful place on the shore of beautiful lake Vesijärvi. Nearest town Lahti is located only 20 min dirve from the cottage, and there is a little bit more than 1 hour to Helsinki. Grocery, local authentic restaurant and bar are located only 1 km from the cottage, which is very rare feature in Finland.

Cottage is well equipped, i.g. WC and shower, sauna, kitchen, washing machine and dishwasher, TV, fireplace, Wi-Fi etc. Also wooden lakeshore sauna is in use in summer time. Holiday center of Messilä (ski-slopes, golf, cruises on Vesijärvi) is located only 10 min drive away from the cottage.

If You are interested in history, it is also worth to visit unique Medieval Church of Hollola which is only 10 minutes walk from the cottage. And of course the outdoor hiking trails are located just few steps away from the cottage – as well as observation tower of Kapatuosia hill with beautiful views all over the lake Vesijärvi.

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