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Messilä Ski Resort

Messiläntie 308
15980 Hollola

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Messilä Ski Resort is located in Hollola, surrounded by wonderful scenery. Salpauselkä and Vesijärvi create a unique skiing environment. The nature destination Pirunpesä is also just a few kilometers away. Lahti is located only about 10 kilometers from Messilä.
The activities offered by Messilä include skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and a snowmobile safari. Snowshoe tours and snowmobile safaris are produced by Jump Up Oy. In addition, the LHS ski school, equipment rental shop Skimac, and equipment maintenance operate in Messilä. Messilä also has restaurants Manor Restaurant and Bistro, as well as accommodation in a Hotel, Old Store or Log Cottage.

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