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Ellivuori Suites

Ellivuorentie 131
38130 Sastamala

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High-quality accommodation at the heart of the versatile Ellivuori Resort.

The unique and clean nature and versatile services offer a wonderful setting for breaking away from everyday life. The ecologically built suites are suitable for both private guests and corporate use.

Stay close to nature!

Just over half an hour away from Tampere, you can find your own peace offered by the high-quality Suites. The 30 m 2 accommodation is built from high-quality materials. The panoramic window offers a view of the lake all year round.

The room contains a Unikulma double bed, TV, shower and toilet. Outside the suite is a storage room with a drying cabinet. The terrace offers space to enjoy the fresh air.

High quality and fresh room air have been considered in the construction. Underfloor heating and an air-to-air heat pump with cooling ensure that your stay in Ellivuori Resort’s suites is always enjoyable.

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