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Rusu Trail – Rusun reitti

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Pure nature in Sastamala.

Rusu Trail 5.2 km – moderate
The main trail follows mostly woodland paths and tracks. The lean-to shelter (Rusun laavu) is located on the top of the relatively steep Rusunvuori Hill, with a campfire place etc. Comprising of old spruce forest, middle-aged mixed forest, younger birch forest and, indeed, everything in between, this relatively small area is a good representation of the woodlands of Finland.

Koivularon Trail 2.1 km – moderate
The Koivularon Trail is a shorter version of the Rusu Trail. The Koivularon Trail consists mostly of rolling woodland landscape, with one higher climb about 400 m down the trail. Hikers get to enjoy forest nature in its diversity.

Scenic Trail 3.0 km – challenging/moderate
The Scenic Trail splits from the Rusu Trail after the first 400 metres. From the hills of Hallankorpi Forest, the route takes you to a spring, and then up a steep path to Ohrankankaanvuori Hill. The 200-metre climb rewards you with splendid views over the surrounding area.

In winter you can ski some parts of the trails and then walking is not allowed there.

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