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Electric Fatbike Tour amidst Fells

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Our electric fatbike tour offers a small mountain biking adventure into the varied local terrain. This one hour e-fatbike tour lets you explore the world of electric cycling and get a taste of the sport. Experience mossy grounds and pine trees, ascent and descent, amidst the national landscape. This tour does a world of good for both body and mind.

The e-fatbike’s motor makes it easy to climb hills, so that you can focus on enjoying the rugged beauty of the North Karelian nature.

Before the tour, we will adjust your fatbike to suit you and go over handling and technique. For safety reasons, our tour is carried out according to the level of the least experienced rider.

-E-Fatbike rental
-guide services
-VAT 10 %

Finnish, English

Throughout the year

Difficulty level: easy/moderate difficulty
Participation in the tour requires cycling skills.

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