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Break Sokos Hotel Koli Kylä

Kolintie 94 B
83960 Lieksa

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Outdoor adventures, cosy village life and stunning scenery. Welcome to our hotel in the centre of Koli village, the gateway to Koli National Park. Our warm and cosy hotel is a haven for active holidaymakers and curious adventurers.

Koli National Park is one of Finland’s most popular visitor destinations. And no wonder! The National Park offers plenty of activities and nature adventures around Lake Pielinen and the iconic views from the peaks of Koli. A unique landscape that simply cannot be experienced anywhere else!

The walking and hiking trails into the National Park start from our hotel. Lake Pielinen and Koli’s peaks are only a short distance away. Skiing tracks, hiking paths, the lake, ice swimming, hills – Koli offers endless opportunities for once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Hiking equipment is available for rent from our hotel and ski equipment from the Ukko-Koli ski resort – there is plenty to do and see to suit any inspiration.

The magical atmosphere of the hiking trails continues inside our village hotel, where the carefully selected natural materials and earthy colours echo the surrounding nature. Experience the four seasons of Koli, changing with each floor, from the misty spruce forests on spring mornings to the snowy peaks of Koli.

Tervaskanto restaurant and Puronmutka café provide authentic and delicious meals. Children can continue their adventures in the play area in the lobby and on the climbing wall, and even the rooms are equipped with wall bars. The perfect holiday is crowned by the luxury sauna on the top floor.

Discover the welcoming village of Koli and the breathtaking beauty of the Koli National Park!

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