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Exiting paddling experience via 4 rivers with many rapids in the wilderness, 40+ km

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Spend two full paddling days or more enjoying the exiting nature of this trail in the beautiful scenes in the wilderness. Already the beginning of the route leaves the most delicate on the beach, as the journey starts along a small creek. The next ordeal is the almost overgrown pond trail in the middle of a swamp. The overture of the trip still echoes in the ears when the paddlers get to taste the rides of the first rapids. Heavy snowy winters and beavers work hard on the route every year. It is recommended to pack both a hiking saw and a keen canoe or kayak enthusiasm so that the journey can continue past the trees that have fallen over the river. Along the way, there are about 10 rapids, the majority of which are fast-flowing currents and one real rock cliff. After the middle of the route, the river widens and deepens, the rapids shrink. The rapids are all easy, except the rock cliff one, so it’s a requirement to have previous paddling experience.

In the quietest bends of the river, the sand has formed magnificent shores. Most paddlers might wonder if they would spend the night on their own sandy beach or continue their journey to one of the atmospheric camp sites on the route.The last night is worth spending on Larinsaari camp site, which locates on the shore of lake Koitere.

The route is at its fastest in April-May after the ice has left. There will be plenty of water in the first section of the route until mid June. The rest of the tour can be paddled throughout the summer season.

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