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Wivi Lönn’s Jyväskylä

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40100 Jyväskylä

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Olivia Mathilda ‘Wivi’ Lönn (1872–1966) was the first female architect in Finland to set up her own studio. The city of Jyväskylä with its renowned architectural heritage was a haven of peace for Lönn. She designed dozens of buildings there, including her own house. 2022 marked the 150th anniversary of Wivi Lönn’s birth.

Some of the features that Lönn’s architectural designs are known for are the play of light on the walls and brightly blossoming gardens under the windows. Skillfully designed floor plans are another characteristic of the buildings created by Lönn. One of the best-known and most easily accessible buildings designed by her is Kuokkala Manor, situated on a beautiful spot. Today, a top-class restaurant operates within its stone walls. Lönn’s own house was just one of the many private homes in Jyväskylä that she designed. The Puistokoulu school building is also designed by her.

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