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Weekend getaway to the river paddling, 45km

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Relax and enjoy your time away from your hectic everyday routines, busy city life and soak up the melody of ambient nature and the sounds of history around the river Koitajoki. This trail is also perfect for taking few day canoeing adventure during your holiday when travelling in Finland, North Karelia.

Explore the longest uniform part of the river Koitajoki covering for about 45 km. The start of the trail follows the edge of Kesonsuo, witch is a swamp with rare swamp type and has a rich bird life. In spring you can enjoy the beauty and voices of returning birds! The trail continues with curving lines and changing width. Its easy to paddle with only one bigger rapid along the way, which is also easy to bypass via the shore. The route takes you on a trip where you can enjoy the safety, clean air and waters and the silence of the wilderness realm with easy going manner.

Although this is a self-guided adventure KoiHu personnel is there to support and help throughout your adventure when needed.

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