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Volunteering program at Säynätsalo Town Hall

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Transformative travel, involves visitors leaving positive impacts on the places they visit. At Säynätsalo, visitors can enhance these impacts, understanding their roles the local way of life, and using services without damaging the delicate ecosystem.

The volunteer program at Säynätsalo Town Hall is open to foreign Aalto enthusiasts, professionals, and students, lasting one week to two months. Before confirming the visit, the volunteer will write an application and, if necessary, arrange a remote interview. In the off-season, accommodation is included in the program, but we have set a 200 € application fee to avoid unnecessary inquiries, applications, and cancellations. There is a formal accommodation fee during the mid-season and summer season, but no application fee. After all, voluntary work is not paid.

Depending on abilities, volunteering includes developing travel experiences, guiding, selling tickets and daily activities at the accommodation – new information and experiences for the volunteer and visitors. Volunteers can share their meaningful experiences and appreciation for the Town Hall, not only as a tourist attraction but also as a living unit that fosters community and sustainable experiences.

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