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Varjola Resort Snowshoe trek to Finnish Forest

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Welcome experience breathtaking views and frosty athmosphere of Finnish lakeland in winter time!

On the snowshoe trek we will head in to magnificent views of central Finland hills. Snowshoeing is an easy and effective winter activity which allows you to discover forest and valleys of Finnish lakeland that would not be accessible on foot or skis. This is a great way to explore the snow-covered forests, swamps and fells of Finland. Snowshoes are distriputing your weight so that you won’t sink completely into the snow. For that reason it is easy to walk on the unbeaten tracks.

During the 2 hour trek, you will take a coffee/tea break and warm you up by the fire on a viewpoint hut while admiring scenery opening in front of your eyes. Treks are fully guided and includes all necessary equipment’s.

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