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Varjola Resort Finnish Smoke Sauna and Jacuzzi

Vilppulantie 51
41370 Laukaa

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In sauna, you can enjoy being in the moment and taking time to focus on yourself.

Sauna has also a strong connection to the nature – nothing completes the Finnish sauna experience like cooling down in the pure water of a blue lake and admiring the silent, green forest landscapes.

Well-being, resting and relaxing has been the essential part of the original Finnish sauna experience for centuries, all the way from our ancestors to this day. The Finnish sauna has seen thousands of stories and it is a place where time stands still for a while. Sauna is about purification, healing and finding the harmony between mind and body.

Experience the ancient sauna culture of Finland in our smoke sauna. You may also enjoy outdoor Jacuzzi and swimming in the lake.

Towels are included.
Saunatime: 2 hours

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