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The World’s Only Pispala – Private Walking Tour

Pispalanharju 47
33250 Tampere

Magni Mundi +358 10 579 7943 tampere@magnimundi.fi Visit website

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This walking tour takes you to the perhaps most famous part of today’s Tampere  –  Pispala.

In the 1930’s Pispala was inhabited by railroad and factory workers and was notorious for its restless life and ongoing rumbles. Nowadays Pispala with its narrow streets, beautifully restored wooden houses and magnificent views towards the two large lakes is one of the most popular residential areas.

Other languages may be available. Also ask about extensions and extras. Please contact us.

The tour starts at Pispala School and lasts 2 hours.

We operate this and other tours on a tailor-made-basis, any day, time and duration you wish.

Please ask for more information by email: tampere(at)magnimundi.fi

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