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Flavours and aromas of four provinces of Finland

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Taste the Traditional Flavours and Aromas of Four Different Provinces of Eastern Finland from Karelia to Lapland

Welcome to the most exclusive tour of the four provinces. Taste Northern Savo Lakeland – Taste Karelia – Taste Kainuu, Arctic Lakeland -Taste Lapland!
– The four-county tour starts at the lakes of Savo and continues through the municipalities of Karelia, through the berry forests of Arctic Lakeland and then on to the gates of Lapland. The flavours and cooking methods of each province differ, thereby providing you with just the right tastes and aromas of the local cuisine. The trip brings together the best of Lakeland and Lapland’s pure nature for you to enjoy all that is on your plate.


Day 1 | Taste Northern Savo Lakeland | Kuopio
Day 2 | Kuopio
Day 3 | Bomba Karelian village | Nurmes
– Taste Karelian Kitchen and Karelia pasty workshop
Day 4 | Taste Arctic Lakeland | Kuhmo
Day 5 | Vuokatti
– Workshop baking traditional pasty of Kainuu
Day 6 | Suomussalmi
– Workshop baking potato flatbread
Day 7 | Taste Lapland | Kuusamo
Day 8 | Flight home
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