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Snowshoeing in Komio Nature Reserve, Loppi

Pilpalantie 931
12750 Loppi

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Snowshoeing is a fun winter sport suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels, which can be practiced almost anywhere. It combines the benefits of exercise with the peace and beauty of winter nature.

We will gather at the Pilpalantie 931 parking lot, from where, after the equipment information, we will set off at a leisurely pace towards the Luutalammi campfire site. The total distance is approximately 5 km.

You need outdoor clothes suitable for the weather (+ break jacket), something to drink and sturdy winter shoes with handles.

Price: 450 eur 1 – 6 persons, additional persons 30 eur. Price includes all equipment used in snowsheing and guide services.
Group size: 1 – 10 persons.

For more information, please call +358 500 472 431 or email


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