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Poronpolku Nature Trail

Tuhkanummentie 341
12750 Loppi

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Poronpolku in Loppi is a popular outdoor route named after the reindeer that were test fed and traversed the area in the 1960-70s.

The area hosts a popular Poronpolku trail run event every year in the autumn. The event pages can be found www.poronpolku.fi

Routes of varying lengths can be hiked in Poronpolku area, with the longest being 30 kilometres and the shortest being 3,5 kilometres. Each route passes through Pirunlinna, an exciting realm of land gnomes, goblins and trolls. Along the Poronpolku trail, you can admire the beautiful ridge nature and at the southern end explore the natural cycle of the area using guide boards. Poronpolku runs partly in the Komio Nature Reserve. On the long route of the trail, you can take a snack break at Marskin Maja.

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