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Hotel & Nature for Families in North Karelia

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Go on an adventure in nature and enjoy a good night’s sleep in a new hotel, such as Break Sokos Hotel Bomba in Karjala village or Hyvärilä Youth and Holiday Centre Hotel. Bomba’s Karelian-style spa on Pielinen beach is an experience. During the week, you will experience adventures in Finnish nature. You can go cycling, kayaking, SUP boarding, go on a boat trip and Wildlife watching night. Hyvärilä Youth and Holiday Centre has plenty of activities such as wall climbing, golf, padel, for example. A Sports, parkour and street workout park has been opened in the waterfront area in Hyvärilä. The sports park is open to the public and offers plenty of activities for all ages and levels of fitness and for anyone interested in exercise! The sports park includes a playground for children, complete with suitable equipment. Break Sokos Hotel Bomba and Hyvärilä Centre are are neighbors, the distance is 1 km.

1 Day. Arrival at the Bomba Hotel
2. Day. Wildlife watching night
3. Day. A day to rest after a night of wildlife trip
4. Day. Lake Pielinen – Boat Trip
5. Day. Lake Pielinen – Fishing Trip
Or Visit to the Alpaca farm in small village
6. Day. Actions Countryside guesthouse
Trip to guesthouse. Kayaking trip on the river and beach sauna. Delicious Karelian dinner in the guesthouse.
7. Day. Departure.

The price includes accommodation in 2 double rooms. Breakfast, spa entrances. Wildlife watching night, Boat trip to the island or Alpaca trip. Transportation wildlife cabin. Guesthouse Paddling trip and sauna. Karelian dinner.
– By order and for an additional fee: Transport from airports or Railway stations: Kuopio, Joensuu or Kajaani. Nurmes (only Railway station)

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