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Lumous Forest Hut

Lehminiementie 34
41560 Hankasalmi

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Lumous Forest Hut is located in Hankasalmi, Central Finland. Surrounded by the forest, Lumous provides a unique experience and a feeling of privacy. Through a panorama window, you can admire breath-taking views of pine forest and clear-watered lake in front of you. In winter, all this is decorated with a white coverage.

Lumous is the starting point for your hiking tours, which can be done independently or with a guide of Luontovire. After hiking, relax your muscles in a lakeside sauna and enjoy some supper by the campfire. As the day turns into night, close your eyes while listening to the birds singing outside.

Lumous accommodates 2 people in twin beds. Lighting and phone charging with solar power, biofuel heating, no running water. Drinking water provided in the hut. The hut has a dry toilet with an entrance from the porch. You can wash yourself in the nearby sauna by heating water in a fireplace and using bucket and a scoop. We will advice you with everything when checking in. The facilities include bed linen, towels, tableware for two and basic cooking utensils. Accommodation also includes the use of lakeside sauna and supplies for evening snack and breakfast, which can be prepared in a private outdoor fireplace. Next to the sauna, there is also an outdoor cooking shelter with gas stove and fridge available. For winter they will be moved to the sauna dressing room. Fridge is not in use in winter due to limited availability of solar power, food is provided in a cool bag.

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