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Kuninkaanpolku Trail

Kaikulantie 86
19600 Hartola

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The Kuninkaanpolku Trail in Hartola is a fascinating mix of nature and culture. Stop on the Ekonkoski arched bridge to see trout swimming in the bright water. Continue with a relaxing walk through the pleasant peatland forest. Cross a gently rocking suspension bridge to the lovely surroundings of the Itä-Häme Museum,which show cases the varied history of the region.
Kuninkaanpolku Trail can be started from the Linna Hotel or Itä-Häme Museum. When starting from the Linna Hotel, the first section of the trail passes lovely old buildings belonging to the folk high school Itä-Hämeen opisto. The trail consists of paths, dirt roads and pedestrian routes, and is very easy to walk. The total length of the trail is 3,8 km.

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