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Animal Farm in Village Selkie

Selkientie 27 B
81235 Lehtoi

Selkien Green Care Oy +358407658538 annariitta@selkiegc.fi Visit website

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Our animal farm in the beautiful village Selkie offers a great guided activity day for the whole family!
A visit to the rural village of Selkie and our Green Care space offers leisurely relaxing time together year round. The soothing atmosphere of the farmhouse and the chatter with the animals is a memorable experience for all ages.
During the visit, the animals are cared for together by caring, feeding and moving with them. Hugging sheeps and goats and keeping a guinea pig in your arms is part of every visit. You may also try your skills as a shepherd or a pony whisperer. The family visit includes 1.5 hours of social activities with the animals.