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Discover two national parks by canoeing and hiking, 80-100 km

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Spend five or more days finding your way from Petkeljärvi National Park to Patvinsuo National Park. Ranging from the ridges of Petkeljärvi next to the Russian border to the wilderness lake Koitere with hundreds of islands and ending up to the open marshlands of Patvinsuo, the route takes you on a trip where you explore the unique scenery and the full height of the North Karelian biosphere area – and its’ safe, silent and clean air and water surroundings. 

Along the paddling way, you’ll pass the ever-changing nature scenes ranging from pine-clad ridges to the bald swamp areas, small rapids of Koitajoki and finally reaching the south shores of lake Koitere. Here you leave the canoe or kayak and we’ll transfer you towards the north shore of Koitere, where the open bogs and sandy beaches of Patvinsuo are waiting for you.

From here onward you can explore the unique beauty of Patvinsuo and its hiking trails at your own pace before you end your adventure.

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