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Camping Cabins for 2-5 Persons in Tampere

Leirintäkatu 8
33900 Tampere

Tampere Camping Härmälä +358 20 719 9777 Visit website

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Summertime camping site, only 4 km from the city of Tampere with good public connections. Camping site has over 100 camping cabins for 2-5 persons. All cabins have beds or bunk beds, blankets and pillows, electric heating and a terrace. Most cabins also have a table and chairs, a refrigerator (some have a mini refrigerator) and a hotplate. There is a TV in some of the 5 persons’ cabins. Toilets and showers are in the nearby service buildings. Bed linen can be rented from reception or you can take your own sleeping bag with.

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