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Break Sokos Hotel Bomba

Tuulentie 10
75500 Nurmes

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Break Sokos Hotel Bomba is an exclusive spa hotel located on the shore of the lake Pielinen and part of the Bomba tourism area in Nurmes. The luxurious Karelian-themed spa with its outdoor jacuzzis with lake views and a variety of themed saunas pamper your mind and body. The spa hotel also has an Italian style restaurant Trattoria Pielinen which serves delicious food made with love.

Our cozy hotel rooms are perfect for families, group of friends or couples and the area offers things to do for everyone. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings, relax at the spa, eat well at the restaurant and fall asleep on the comfy hotel beds!

The Bomba area also has a Karelian village where the traditional Bomba House is located. Experience Karelian culture and food while staying at Bomba!

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