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Adventure Park Laajavuori

Laajavuorentie 15
40740 Jyväskylä

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Adventure Park Laajavuori is located only 4km away from the Jyväskylä city center! Breathtaking rope slides and climbing challenges awaits you, the adventure is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. The adventure park is in the middle of Laajavuori natural site and parts of it are located in a forest, which gives a real sense of adventure!

Adventure Park Laajavuori is one of the biggest in the Nordic countries! There are over 2,5 km of ziplines and climbing obstacles in total. The courses vary from beginner courses near the ground level to challenging sport courses in the height of almost 20 meters!

Adventure Parks is also suitable for the whole family! Junior courses are designed for kids over 90 cm. For the smallest members of the family, a playground’s swings, children’s slide, balancing obstacles and other obstacles offers some fun activities!

There is also a cafeteria in the area, where you can buy snacks, ice cream and beverages. A terrace and a lean-to are also free to use.

Adventure Park Laajavuori is a part of Laajis’ year-round selection of activities. Skiing in the winter, downhill biking, adventure park and disc golf in the summer for example!

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