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Wilderness Gamedinner

Kinnulantie 695
69450 Lestijärvi

Riistaravintola Pikku Peura +358505141001 pikkupeura@kotinet.com Visit website

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Spend an atmospheric dinner by the fireplace in Pikku Peura gamerestaurant

In Pikku Peura, in the heart of Syvänmaa, we offer tastes of forest from the nearby region in a festive way.

Wildeness dinner is prepared according to reservation for a group of at least 10 people.

Wild mushroomsoup with roasted onions
Reindeersalad, pickled redonions
Mixed Green salad with wildherbs and vinaigrette
smokevendicemousse on brown bread
Gamemousse on ryecookies
Countryroots with honey and redbeet stakes
Roasted Moose, redwine sauce
Garliccreampotatoes and potatoslices with herbs
Chocolate Cake

Wines full package 26€:

Sparclingwine, whitewine 20 cl, redwine 20 cl, liquor or cognac

Children under 4 years free, 4-12 years -50%

Those under 18 can participate accompanied by a parent until 10 p.m. Special diets announced in advance are included in the price and are taken into account at the takeout table.

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