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Wetterhoff House

Wetterhoffinkatu 4 D
13100 Hämeenlinna

Wetterhoff House +358 500 599 755 wetterhoff@wetterhoff.fi

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Wetterhoff House is a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern creative knowhow. We offer interesting things to see, events, craft products and refreshment.

In Wetterhoff House there is the traditional Wetterhoff shop, where you can find textile and home decoration products, souvenirs, as well as supplies for handiworks. On the ground floor you can refresh yourself in the cosy café Hoffi.

Wetterhoff House is situated in the centre of Hämeenlinna, next to the bus station. The shops are open on weekdays and on Saturdays.

The legendary handicraft school was located in the same building. It was founded 1885 by Fredrika Wetterhoff.

Welcome to experience the Wetterhoff House atmosphere!

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