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Walking Tour: Forssa Spinning Mill Area

Wahreninkatu 12
30100 Forssa

Forssan kaupunki +358401816682 tuuli.ravantti@forssa.fi Visit website

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Get to know the birthplace of Forssa!

The historic Forssa cotton mill was founded by Swedish-born Axel Wahren in 1847. The spinning mill was soon followed by a weaving mill, yarn dye works and the first industrial fabric printing plant in the country. The developing textile industry soon attracted people from near and far, and the small factory town grew into a city.

The spinning mill ceases operating in 1980, after which it has been renovated into a vibrant cultural centre and a fun place to visit.

Let our Forssa museum guide take you on a journey through the history of the actual birthplace of the city. How did it all begin? What influenced the formation of the area? Why are these buildings here and what purpose did they serve?

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