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Villa Paasirinne B

Jyväskyläntie 214 B
41660 Toivakka

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Villa Paasirinne B is located near the shores of Lake Leppävesi in Toivakka, at the heart of the Finnish lake district. The villa is a separate resort that provides the opportunity to enjoy beautiful surroundings and the peace and quiet of nature all year round. The villa is well equipped and offers all modern amenities and regular household appliances – as well as a wood-burning stove that creates a cosy atmosphere. The villa provides accommodation for 4 persons. There is a washroom/toilet and sauna in the villa. All the facilities at the resort are on one level, and the yard is flat. The villa sits on a garden-like plot that can be used freely while at the resort. The berries in the bushes can be picked and the herbs in the garden can used in cooking. The flowerbeds in the yard bloom beautifully from spring to autumn. There are deck chairs for relaxing while listening to birdsong and watching the birds nesting in the yard and nearby area. The patio hosts a cosy barbecue hut and a dining set for enjoying meals and having a good time. The nearby lake offers plenty of fish of various species, and there is also a rowing boat and fishing equipment that are free to use. Mushrooms and berries can be picked for free in the surrounding nature, and the forest paths are perfect for exercising. The shore can be accessed by a path, and there is a rowing boat by the lake. In the winter, snowshoes and poles are available for use. The villa and lake are separated by a local road that is in good condition. The lounging areas in the yard are sheltered by bushes and trees. There are also yard games available for use. The versatile services of the municipality of Toivakka are only 4.5 kilometres away, and the distance to the Leivonmäki National Park is only 25 kilometres. Cyclists are also welcome to stay at Villa Paasirinne B.

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