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Villa Aleksi – Log Villa on Lake Vesijärvi

Metsärannantie 39
16730 Hollola

Jarvin Oy +358445772899 jarvinoy@phnet.fi Visit website

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Villa Aleksi is spacious log villa made by Finnish Mammuttihirsi company. It has facilities for accommodation of 10 guests, so even bigger companies can stay together and relax from hustle and the bustle of big cities. Villa is located in quiet forest place on lake Vesijärvi and is fully equipped – also services are short drive away from the cottage.

Sun greets the beautiful property of the Villa all day long and own lakeshore is suitable also for children. Also activities are only short drive away from the cottage: in 10-15 minutes You can reach Messilä holiday center with ski slopes and golf, beautiful Medieval Church of Hollola and city of Lahti with its attractions.

Here You can really enjoy beautiful nature of Southern Finland – Villa Aleksi is located in Natura 2000-nature reserve zone, which is unique for its flora and fauna.
The fish can be easily catched straight from the pier, and when take a closer look to the reeds, You may succeed to see many rare birds, for example osprey, smew, oriole, great crested grebe, goldeneye and many others.

You should also try houses’ saunas – we refreshed them in autumn 2017, and now they fit even more bathers, with Finnish high quality comfort.

Welcome to enjoy!

PS. Please, notice that we require at least 22 y.o. age from our bookers.

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