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Varjola Resort Winter Forrest Ride with Snow Sledge

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Welcome to enjoy Finnish winter sceneries and forest by trek with snowmobile sledge on our Winter forest ride!

Welcome experience breathtaking views and frosty athmosphere of Finnish lakeland winter wonderland!

In the middle of winter when snow covers the nature and presses down the branches of the trees, you may desire to jump on the snowmobile sledge and enjoy a brisk ride while dashing through the forest and hills, and across slopes while you withness beautiful attractions of nature passing by.

Our tour takes you to the hills and downhills of wintry forest on the large snowmobile sledge.

During the 2 hour safari, you will take a coffee break and warm you up by the fire on a viewpoint hut while admiring scenery opening in front of your eyes.

Program includes winter overalls, snowmobile sledge tour to forest, guidance and small snacks, coffee/tea

Maximum group size: 8 persons.

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