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Vanai Bistro & Bastu Restaurant

Mensanaukio 4
13200 Hämeenlinna

Vanai Bistro & Bastu +358 50 556 2265 info@vanai.fi

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Vanai Bistro & Bastu is a family business that brings people, food and life back to the Varikonniemi area in Hämeenlinna. This area was known for provisioning the Finnish army and people. Today, a hundred years later, the garage and laundry building of the former canned food factory is an urban meeting place: a bistro, a bar, a terrace and a sauna.
On the shores of Lake Vanajavesi we want to offer each and everyone an unforgettable experience with food, drinks and our mystical log sauna. Here you can enjoy not only the dawns of a new day with a cup of coffee but also the lovely evening hours at a cozy dinner table. Vanai is simply a great place to sit down with family and friends and share memorable moments.

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